Closed Requests

Wood Haven Tree Planting-Small Purchase (June 20, 2022)
Trees Small Purchase Policy Notice
Wood Haven Landscaping Plan

Notice of Award (8/22/22)

Wood Haven Technology Park-Structure Demolition and Asbestos Abatement-Request for Estimates-(October 8, 2020)
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
Asbestos Inspection Report 
TCLP Analysis Report

Wood Haven Technology Park Phosphorous Credits (July 20, 2020)
Phosphorous Credits
Intent to Award(posted 8/25/2020)

Small Purchase
Sign Design and Build Intent to Award (posted 8/26/2020)

Wood Haven Technology Park Clearing/Grading Project IFB #2020-02
Clearing & Grading Invitation for Bids
Clearing & Grading Plan Documents
Wood Haven Phase 1 Grading CAD File (zipped DWG file)
Geo-technical Report
Contract Form
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet (posted 7/14/20)
Addendum #1 (posted/revised 7/15/20)
Interstate 81 Project Plan Sheets (A B C and D) (posted 7/14/20)
Addendum #2 (posted 7/23/2020)
Bid Tabulations  (posted 7/29/2020)
Intent to Award (posted 7/30/2020)

Wood Haven Technology Park Innovation Drive Construction Project IFB 2020-01
Invitation for Bid Packet-Closed
Innovation Drive (2020-01) Construction Drawings
Contract Form
Previously Awarded Infrastructure/Road Grading Project Drawings (2019-01 is to be completed prior to the beginning of work on IFB 2020-01)
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet February 19, 2020
Addendum #1 & Pre-Bid Meeting Notes-February 24, 2020

WVRIFA Audit RFQ- December 2,  2019-Closed

Wood Haven Technology Park Engineering Design Services RFP-July 2019
Request for Proposals-Closed

Wood Haven Technology Park Water and Sewer Extension Project IFB # 2019-01
Notice of Intent to Award-June 24, 2019.
Invitation for Bid Packet-Closed
Construction Drawings
Contract Form
Revised Bid Form (Revised 6/4/19)
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Addendum #1 (6/3/19)
Addendum #2 (6/14/19)

PE Water and Sewer Services
PE Water & Sewer Services-Closed

RFQ Master Planning and Related Services
RFQ-Master Planning and Related Services November 17, 2016-Closed
Questions/Answers Posted November 8, 2016

Audit Services
Audit Services-Closed