December 6, 2017:  The WVRIFA has awarded a contract to Bowman Excavating for demolition of the structures at 7629, 7755, and 7911 Wood Haven Road.  This work, conducted over the next few weeks, was authorized by the WVRIFA to help improve overall appearance of the properties, make the land easier to maintain,  and prevent deterioration of the aging structures which will occur naturally from lack of use.

Frequently Asked Questions– UPDATED-May 11, 2017

Wood Haven Community Meeting#3-May 25, 2017

The following materials were presented at four stations during the meeting.  Please click on the links to access the boards presented.

Preferred Images
        Building and Entrance Preferred Images

Potential Site Development
        Wood Haven Road Site Development Plan Scenarios
        Wood Haven Road Site Cross Sections

Land Use/Rezoning Process
        Wood Haven Road Site Context
        Existing Zoning
        Future Land Use
        Contemplated Land Uses
        Planning and Development Process

        Wood Haven Road Trip Generation By Land Use Type
        Future Transportation Improvements

        Stormwater Management Practices
        Stormwater Management Practices Bioretention Facilities


Wood Haven Community Meeting#2-April 26, 2017

Presentation made at the April 26 Community Meeting


Wood Haven Community Meeting#1-January 31, 2017

Presentation made at January 31 Community Meeting

Community Meeting #1 Feedback Summary


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