The Western Virginia Regional Industrial Facility Authority was formed in 2014 by Botetourt County, Franklin County, Roanoke County, the City of Roanoke, the City of Salem and the Town of Vinton.  The purpose of the Authority is to provide a mechanism for localities cooperate regionally on economic development projects. The Authority works closely with member governments and economic developers throughout the Roanoke Valley Region of Virginia. 

Board Meetings

Board meetings are typically held on the third Friday of each month at 10:00AM at the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission Office, 313 Luck Avenue SW, Roanoke, Va. A list of other public meetings and more information with agenda packets can be found on our full meeting calendar.

Wood Haven Technology Park

UPDATE: The Western Virginia Regional Industrial Facility Authority’s contractor EC Pace will soon undertake some mild, small-scale blasting operations on the north side of Wood Haven Road and grading operations as well as some drilling and hammering of rock on the south side to accommodate the installation of utilities.  This process is being conducted by a highly experienced company holding industry certifications.  This process is highly regulated and controlled including on-site monitoring by the Roanoke County Fire Marshal.  It is expected that these operations will commence within the next few days and should be completed by mid-November.  This is an example video of similar construction operations.

The Western Virginia Regional Industrial Facility Authority (WVRIFA), comprised of local government leaders from Roanoke County, Roanoke City and the City of Salem, has acquired 109.7 acres on Wood Haven Road for economic development purposes. Consulting engineering firm Draper Aden Associates has been hired to assist in the master planning of the site. The process will include several community meetings to share and collect information. Click here for more information.

Citizen Information Line – Wood Haven Technology Park Project: 540.266.4941